Mission Statement

The GreenSeeds Music Society is a collaborative project among musicians, artists, and teachers to create environmentally-themed educational materials using songs, visual material, and drama. The purpose of the Society is to raise awareness about environmental problems by encouraging youth to think about healthier, more sustainable ways of living. The Society aims to highlight the need for these changes in two ways: by creating environmentally-themed teaching materials, and by engaging youth in various age-appropriate activities using drama and/or hands-on projects that incorporate green techniques and practices.

Board of Directors

Erzsi Institorisz

Executive Director

Erzsi is a singer songwriter and is an active volunteer for the David Suzuki Foundation for more than four years. She believes we must work to educate, enlighten and to lessen indifference and complacency towards how we treat the environment. What better way to do that then through music?

Norma Institorisz

Director of Education

Norma is a professional music teacher and early childhood educator. Under a scholarship, she studied in Hungary under prominent music educators such as Katalin Forrai. She is a member of the North American Reggio Emilia Alliance, and now works with special needs students at UBC’s Childcare Services Centers.

Lynda En

Director of Planning and Operations

Armed with a background in education, project management and non-profits, Lynda is rolling up her sleeves to propel GreenSeeds to new heights. Lynda is currently a non-profit consultant in managing organizational processes through cloud technology. She is a hiker and has a weakness for behavioural economics and MMORPGs.

Chisato Ito

Director of Public Relations

Chisato is a young public health professional. As an advocate for sustainable approaches to improving human health and environment, she hopes to assist the GreenSeeds Music Society pursue its mission. Chisato enjoys drawing, painting, listening to a variety of music, and most of all, feeling the fresh air in the dawn when camping.

Denise Lin

Director of Finance

Denise have extensive customer service experience, communication and project management skills that she hopes to utilize to aid GreenSeeds in succeeding in its mission. Denise currently is studying for her CPA and on her free time, she loves to travel and get connected with nature by going camping and hiking.

Emma Griffiths, PhD

Director of Research and Policy

Emma is a research scientist at SFU studying how genes in human pathogens cause disease. She volunteers with the David Suzuki Foundation and the Dogwood Initiative to promote healthy and sustainable decision making. While she has been involved in amateur theatrical productions and plays the violin badly, she enjoys watching other people do these things well.

Florent Marquez

Director of Program Development

His passion for nature started in 2005 when he was in Iceland participating in a project teaching children how to be ecologically responsible and creative by recycling garbage and turning them into Art sculptures. He also spent time Kenya helping to teach and worked 3 years in Vancouver as an Early Childhood Educator and Facilitator for Learning.

Alyssa Kostello

Director of Creative Arts

Alyssa is a playwright, director, producer, teacher and facilitator and believes the base of any change begins with learning to have deeper conversations and strengthening communication skills. As Artistic Director of NOW! Theatre, she has been able to pursue the exploration of sustainability in theatre and art, though she is interested in how all forms can transform people.

David Acuna

Director of Marketing

Cities Are a Synonym of New Thinking. Cities Aren’t Structures. Cities are People. That’s why my goal is to design solutions that drive user engagement on key areas of human progress. My skills and expertise are mainly focused on rapid prototyping and concept design. I’m currently working as the instructor for the IDEA-X program at the Centre for Digital Media.