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Contest Details

(Get READY! Opening September 10th 2017) We’re very excited to announce this contest inspired by the Blue Dot Movement 🌎 and funded by the Cooperators Investment Group’s Impact! Leadership Program.

The media has been overwhelming lately… So, we want to promote a project that reminds people of how we, like the places and cities we live in, are living things. It’s beautiful when children grow up taking care of, appreciating and respecting their environments, whether wild or urban.

What do you wish to preserve and protect?

Show us! We believe that there must be an organic, human quality to everything we interact with. The ideal city is inclusive, something that is everybody’s project with parks, walkways and bike lanes, etc. When people reclaim their space, there’s more vitality and spontaneity. Our wild environments, as well as, urban environments must provide for the emotional wellbeing of inhabitants.

Why music? Can Hope Lead to Action?

Music evokes empathy and empathy is about seeking to understand. It helps us challenge prejudice, find commonality, and expand our moral universe. Through our music, we want to see kindness create more hope in the world and convert that hope into action! We Now Need Everyone Doing Everything, Everywhere, All the Time! Emotional connection to our environment, in addition to, with ourselves and others is fundamental. All of this is essential towards creating sustainable impact!


Prizes 🎁

We want to hear from you! Eligible participants are children 3-5, and K-7 Elementary school age youth across the lower mainland and Fraser valley of B.C., Canada:

Contest Rules 🚦

  • Contest opens Sunday, September 10th 2017 at 11:00AM (PST) 🎉.
  • The Final deadline is 11:59PM PST on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018 .
  • Children & Youth from the lower mainland of BC, ages 3-5, and K –7 are eligible to apply.
  • Winner selections will be made by a panel of guest judges and GreenSeeds Music Society Directors.
  • Winners will be announced by February 14th, 2018.
  • Party to be held on Earth Day, Sunday April 22, 2018.
  • Participants may submit multi-media such as videos and or pictures of their poems and artwork. Be Creative!
  • Include a 200 word max description of your project and the creators.
  • Submissions must be in high-resolution digital format, videos preferred, and or please submit a minimum
    of 5 pictures in a .zip folder labeled with your name and project name.

  • Participants warrant that they are the sole creator of their piece.
  • Participants can be groups consisting of an entire classroom.

An update on projects and artwork will be provided to entrants by June 10, 2018.

Start Collaborating! Show Us What Moves You. For us, it starts with:
“Clean air 🌲, Clean Water 💦, Safe Food 🍽 & a Healthy Environment 🌎 for All.”


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STARTING September 10th, 2017, CLICK HERE TO ENTER the Blue Dot-Art for Empathy Contest at

For questions email: info@greenseedsmusic.org
or message us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram


What will we do with submissions?

Top submissions will be featured and published in multi-media for upcoming song projects like “We are the Earth,” “Nous Sommes la Terre,” “The Bumble Bee Buzz,” and “Flor del Campo.” All songs have a theme about respecting, appreciating and caring for nature. Follow us on YouTube to hear versions of these songs.


  • This fall, what can you do in Canada? Take Action! Become a Blue Dot Movement Leader! Let’s get the Federal Environmental Protection Act created!
  • Show us how you take care of your environment and what’s important for you and your community!
  • What do you want to preserve and protect?
  • How can we enhance our growing cities to make them more inclusive of cultural differences that foster a collective responsibility for a collective future?

Stay Tuned, Spread Hope & Take Action!

Stock Photos courtesy of www.unsplash.com