We loved testing the Makey Makey hooked up to GarageBand software during the City of Richmond’s Nature Park event dubbed “A Sense of Wonder Walk” on Sunday May 28th, 2017 (video coming soon!). Two weeks later on Sunday June 11, 2017, we joined 85+ families in Richmond, B.C., at King George park to share in more activities. We made some minor changes to the setup and tested some new materials such as chocolate coins (which worked great!), ceramic pots (didn’t work) and spoons 🥄(which worked great!). We don’t encourage playing with food but have heard that bananas 🍌work great too. Watch the 2 minute video below for highlights:

The motivation behind our use of the Makey Makey is the vision that there must be an organic, human quality to everything we interact with. The environment, place or city we live must be inclusive or else our wellbeing suffers. Music is inclusive, something that can be shared and interacted with in various forms. Learning to play music involves learning to control sounds and your emotions simultaneously, as well as, learning to play gently and or dramatically without causing harm to the instrument. Music fosters empathy. It’s wonderful to see children get taken with creative flow. The moment they go from testing, to experimenting, and then realize that they are in control of the sound, is awesome 🤘.

The media has been overwhelming lately, so we want to promote a project that reminds people of how we, like the places and cities we live in, are living things. It’s beautiful when children grow up taking care of, appreciating and respecting their environments, whether wild or urban.

“Today’s children replace their need for connection with their parents and family, with technology” … a great tool, but whenever we’re using something to fill a void, we create a problem for ourselves”
– Dr.
Gabor Mate on Vancouver Real podcast (2014)

We strive to inspire a love and care for nature through music and all the media and interactive activities that can merge with it. We love experimenting with technology and use it as a bridge towards our goal. The world needs more empathy, hope and caring people willing to take care of their environments. We must all have a right to clean water, clean air, safe food and a healthy environment. If you agree, then please join the BlueDot movement 🌎 so that Canadians can have this right added to the charter of rights and freedoms. Thanks for reading 😊 and stay tuned 🌿.

GreenSeeds Music Society at the City of Richmond’s Nature Park event dubbed “A Sense of Wonder Walk” on Sunday May 28th, 2017.