By Emma Griffiths (Twitter:@griffiemma) and Erzsi Institorisz (Twitter/ Instagram/ Snapchat @erzsi_I

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Pacific salmon have always been creatures of great abundance and beauty, a national treasure, and key life source for First Nation communities. Battling the elements, leaving oceans for their freshwater origins, Pacific salmon must make epic journeys upstream to spawning grounds.
In recent years, their populations have severely declined. Invasive Atlantic Salmon, sea lice and disease spread by open net-cage fish farms along their routes have affected all wild fish populations including Herring, White Sturgeon, Caplin, Cod and Coho/Pink Salmon. Wild stocks have been so heavily overfished that the fishing industry is collapsing. All fish species have a crucial role in the habitats along the pacific coastline which must be kept in balance. The song “The Legend of the Salmon” was inspired by the devastation of BC’s salmon stocks and the impacts of the loss of these species on the lives and livelihoods of First Nations people. The importance of Salmon to the Squamish people is beautifully expressed in The Legend of why the Salmon come to the Squamish waters. GreenSeeds Music initiatives are also science-based, and so “The Legend of the Salmon” was heavily influenced by reports from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) as well as the work of biologists and environmental activists such as Dr. Alexandra Morton (e.g. Salmon Confidential).

Take Action #SaveWildSalmon #NationsLinkingArms

We must urge that open net-cage fish farms be moved onto land or BC may one day no longer have wild salmon or any wild fish. #SaveWildSalmon was a campaign set up to support Bill C-228, but the vote in late 2016 failed to ensure a healthy future for wild salmon and the people who depend on them. Support Cleansing Our Waters @fishfarmsout.

This is a musical reminder to respect nature and the Salmon. A reminder to give back and take less.


Salmon artwork by Victor Ayala. Design and graphics by Alana Thorburn-Watt of Umbrella-Pro. Recording by AMP Records studio. Production by Soul City Music. Music, Lyrics, Vocal and Guitar by Erzsi. Lead guitar and synth bass by Joe Souliere. Drums and fret-less bass by Cass Gregg.  Recording Funded courtesy of the Co-Operators Investment Group’s Impact! Program.