Hey Everyone!

Join us for IDEA JAM happening Saturday November 5th 2016 at the Gold Saucer (Gastown) from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am.

RSVP at this > Eventbrite link

Here’s the details:
 This event is 19+
 By RSVP’ing you’ll be entered to win one of our door prizes!
 There will be games, prizes, mingling, media, art, a silent auction and an Open Mic!
 *Free Event!*

Our Projects

We are creating educational material about the environment using songs, visual materials and drama. Our materials cover:
  • Support for land protectors (First Nations and other Aboriginals)
  • Acting kindly and gently towards the whole planet and its people
  • Reducing our carbon footprint
  • Reducing our water consumption
  • Being more mindful of our energy usage and waste production
  • Care for birds, butterflies and bees

We work with musicians, artists, and teachers to make this happen. By combining technology with the electronic arts to create music and capture the beauty of nature, we provide our communities fun opportunities to get creative.  (Wanna join us?)

Come meet the team of easygoing people looking to inspire caring for nature through music.

Life today shouldn’t be about sustainability but about thrivability.


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