“Big Tuna Troubles” is making waves highlighting the problems of the tuna fishe and it is now available on CD Baby!

The message is simple: Tuna are facing a lot of troubles in terms of climate change, over-fishing, pollution and poor ocean management practices. Useful for teachers and environmental educators, Big Tuna Troubles illustrates the importance of where our food comes from, how it’s caught/produced, and the jobs that rely on the industry. This quick and upbeat children’s song, complemented by a cartoon-graphics designed by VoVo Productions, presents these issues in an uncomplicated manner, emphasizing beat and rhythm with a toe-tapping chorus that’s easy to remember. Adorable Big Tuna fights his way through the perils of nets, oil spills and garbage debris with his colourful ocean pals! Stream it today or purchase via any digital site.

The song is co-written by David Suzuki Foundation volunteers and GreenSeeds Music Society founders, Erzsi Institorisz and Emma Griffiths. It was produced and engineered by Joe Souliere at AMP Records, mastered at VoVo Productions with background vocals by GSMS founder Norma Institorisz and GSMS friends Luisa and Matthew Bjorndal. Funding for this recording was provided by the Co-Operators Investment Group through their Impact! Program.
Thank you for supporting our efforts! 😊🌎🐟


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