You may be surprised at how great you can be at contributing to the lyrical songwriting process. So the following are some TIPs on what you can do to contribute towards new songs:

Look for Environment Oriented Subjects

Your interests and ideas can be more valuable then you think. If a particular subject has captured your attention even momentarily, chances are that it has done the same to someone else but you may now have a way of doing something about it. So… Reference documentaries, movies, TV shows, books, magazines, newspapers or other articles, and

Take Notes, Write Down Facts

Go back to the mindset you had during your school days! It doesn’t have to be pages of notes just listen and write down what impacted you. What helps the most is the vocabulary and context of the environmental issue. It helps to put into context why the song was written in the first piece. These notes are the pieces of the songwriting puzzle and can be part of the publication process as a referenced (written by you) contribution towards blogs, children’s books or articles about the songs’ foundation.

Ask: How Can There Be a Positive Spin to the Issue? What Can be Done About It?

One of the coolest things about GreenSeeds Music Society is that our talks and collaborative ideas never get too dark because we want to positively reinforce action towards taking care of our environment. So reflect on the issue, what was it like in the past?

Ask: What Will Children LIKE About It?

If you can hone in on what will captivate a child’s attention, then the song will be more impactful. Can there be some humor? Is there a story to tell? Is there a character or creature to love and take care of?

How will the Song be Presented?

Imagine. Think about how the song will be presented. If there can be a music video, short film or play about it, what is the setting? What are the images associated with the song? Perhaps draw something to be included. What genre or style of music should the song be in?

The GreenSeeds Music Society is a collaborative project among musicians, artists, and teachers to create environmentally-themed educational materials using songs, visual material, and drama. The purpose of the Society is to raise awareness about environmental problems by encouraging youth to think about healthier, more sustainable ways of living.

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