We are starting out, but as GreenSeeds Music Society grows Board members are encouraged and empowered to start projects under the GreenSeeds umbrella and organization setup. Whether that be: writing blogs, the creation of an app, children programs for nature excursions, music therapy work with seniors and children with special rights (special needs children as we used to call them), projects in the impoverished community or _____ (you name it). GreenSeeds Music Society is not limited to projects solely in a musical form. The publication process needs to consist of fully developed content. This means integrating music with videos, animations and artwork.

For GreenSeeds Music Society, music is the vessel through which we want to awaken compassion and a sense of urgency to care for our oceans and ecosystems. There is no one simple solution towards fixing all of the world’s problems, but music has always been a source of comfort through which stories and information can be shared. It is a different medium that helps to rebalance our energy.

“Music is the most powerful form by which to communicate and connect.”

It’s a form of communication that stimulates unlike any other and can interact with different arts like drama, painting, visual arts, etc., to express content.

Music can be extremely stimulating subliminally and or directly in getting information across. We are social and emotional beings.

How we learn

Learning comes in various forms, some learn best by doing things themselves; others, by listening or reading; however, most of us learn best when presented by content in a visual form and when you combine content you generate a means by which to hit all receptors.

GreenSeeds Music Society Publishing

This is why as we roll out new songs and take them through to publishing, all content must be developed. There’s only one chance in which to captivate and make an impression so a music video must be done right by the people who have taken the time to invest in learning a certain skill such as film making.

The GreenSeeds Music Society is a collaborative project among musicians, artists, and teachers to create environmentally-themed educational materials using songs, visual material, and drama. The purpose of the Society is to raise awareness about environmental problems by encouraging youth to think about healthier, more sustainable ways of living.

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