GreenSeeds Music Society is a collaborative project among musicians, artists, and teachers to create environmentally-themed educational materials using songs, visual material, and drama.

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Legendary Salmon in Squamish Waters...

By Emma Griffiths (Twitter:@griffiemma) and Erzsi Institorisz (Twitter/ Instagram/ Snapchat @erzsi_I) Excited to announce that our second single is out on CDBaby and also available now on your favorite streaming sites like Spotify! Help Support our P... read more

Return of the Salmon

By Cass Gregg (Twitter: @Papa_Cass Instagram: @papa_cass320) post rally against Fish Farms at the Vancouver Art Gallery on Monday September 5th.   The phone rang and I got the call I had been wanting to get all summer. It was my cousin calling t... read more

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